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PPL(A) – Private Pilot License

Your private pilot training.

Have you always dreamt of flying privately? With a private pilot license – PPL(A) – you can now join us to achieve your dream of flying. With a PPL, you will be authorised to charter and fly non-commercial, single-engine piston aircraft across Europe. You can also fly worldwide with a PPL – recognition or conversion in non-European countries is generally no problem.

Pilot-Training PPLA


  • Minimum age at the start of the training programme: 16 years (17 years for the issuing of the license)
  • Certificate of medical fitness class 2
  • Proof of credibility in accordance with §7 LuftSiG (German Aviation Security Act)
  • Extract from the Register of Driver Fitness (no older than 3 months)
  • Clean criminal record declaration
  • First aid training certificate (courses starting no more than 1 year ago)

Training course

Training duration

The PPL course starts on 01.07.2020. You can begin at any time.

The duration of the PPL(A) course depends on your availability. If attending lessons regularly, it takes approximately 6 months. Upon request, we can also offer individual sessions, e.g. as part of a manager seminar/weekend training course, so that you can get your PPL license in approximately 6 weeks.

Theory training

The theory element is taught in the form of on-site classroom training at our flying school. Lessons take place every Wednesday and Friday from 6pm to 9pm. It is also possible to arrange individual sessions. To do so, please contact us directly: atpl@tfc.aero.

The theory part consists of at least 100 teaching hours in the following subjects:

  • Aviation law and communications
  • General aircraft knowledge
  • Flight performance and flight planning
  • Human performance capability
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Aerodynamics

Practical training

Practical training takes place in three phases:
In Phase 1, you will learn how to follow air traffic patterns alone, in an aircraft. In Phase 2, after passing a theory test, you will be ready to fly solo cross-country. In Phase 3, you will then be ready to sit your practical exam.

To achieve the PPL, you have to complete at least 45 flight hours. These are split as follows:

  • At least 25 hours with a flight instructor
  • At least 10 hours solo, under the supervision of a flight instructor
  • At least 5 hours of cross-country flying
  • Maximum 5 hours of training in a simulator (FNPT II)

The practical training takes place in the tried-and-tested training classic, the Cessna 152, and optionally in the Aquila A210.

Part of the private pilot training involves obtaining a radio certificate in German (BZF II) or in English/German (BZF I). In addition, pilots may only take part in radio communications if their license has a language endorsement for the language in use. This also applies for all languages other than English, including German. This language proficiency endorsement is obtained by making a self-declaration (native German speakers for German) and sitting a language proficiency test (for English).

Subsequent flying

As the holder of a private pilot license, you will receive a class rating authorising you to fly single-engine piston (SEP – country) aircraft. This rating, which can later be changed to include larger and more complex aircraft, is essentially valid for 24 months. In the last 12 months of the two-year time frame, only 12 hours as a responsible pilot must be demonstrated. The class rating can be renewed by flying this minimum number of hours and completing a practice flight with a flight instructor. If you do not fulfil this requirement because you have flown less or not flown at all, you just need to complete a practice flight with a flight instructor to make your license valid for another two years.


The PPL course starts on 01.07.2020. You can begin at any time. Registration for the PPL(A) private pilot license can be done at any time by sending an email to atpl@tfc.aero

Do you have any questions and want to find out more about the PPL training? Write us an email to atpl@tfc.aero or use the contact form.

Copyright 2022, TFC Flugbetrieb und -technik Beratungsgesellschaft mbH

Copyright 2022, TFC Flugbetrieb und -technik Beratungsgesellschaft mbH