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Language proficiency

Language proficiency test: In order to participate in radio communications, you need accreditation in your pilot license which demonstrates your language proficiency.
As an LTO, we offer examinations for levels 4 and 5.

ICAO language proficiency test

Proof of your language proficiency

We are a certified LTO (language testing organisation). In accordance with the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), we will test your language proficiency for the relevant levels 4 and 5. After successfully completing the exam, you will have valid proof of your language skills. The language endorsement for your license will be requested from the LBA or the relevant regional authority.

  • You require English proficiency for international aviation and commercial activity (e.g. as a flight instructor in accordance with § 3 LuftBO – German regulations for working with aviation equipment).
  • German proficiency is adequate for aviation and radio communications in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol.

Exam content

We will test your listening comprehension and your oral skills in an aviation context.
As well as precise and intelligible communication, the examinations also test your situation-dependent communication strategies which are suited, for example, to overcoming any complications.


Please arrange appointments via email: atpl@tfc.aero or by using our contact form on the homepage.

  • English Level 4: First examination/re-examination
  • English Level 5: First examination/re-examination

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Copyright 2021, TFC Flugbetrieb und -technik Beratungsgesellschaft mbH