Training course

The total duration of our basic training programme is approximately 18-24 months.
It is expected to run as follows:

Theory part 1: Practical training (VFR)

Theory part 2: Practical training (IFR) and MCC/JOT

Basic training

The basic training takes place here in Essen and at Essen-Mülheim Airport, in single-engine aircraft, and includes theory and practical sessions. Right from the beginning, your training will be orientated towards the AeroLogic procedures and operational requirements. Parts of the lessons will be taught by instructors who themselves fly for AeroLogic as captains or first officers.

The continuous training can be started with or without an existing private pilot license – PPL(A). It takes place in a closed course which, after a theory and a practical exam (twin-engine aircraft), as well as MCC and jet familiarization training, leads to the issuing of a “frozen” ATPL – CPL(A) license with SEP and MEP-IR. This license will authorise you, after obtaining a type-specific rating, to co-pilot a commercial aircraft under the supervision of a captain.

After successfully completing your training, you can freely apply to airlines and cargo airlines with the “frozen” ATPL. However, our intention is to send you onwards to a type rating training programme at AeroLogic and make you a second officer on board a Boeing B777F – depending on corresponding demand at AeroLogic.

Type rating training

Step 1

As a second officer, you will start off at AeroLogic by undergoing first officer training. This takes place in Leipzig, Essen and Berlin, and ends with you gaining a type rating for the Boeing B777.

Step 2

You will first spend approximately one year cruising at over 20,000 feet. In doing so, you will become familiar with the procedures and specifics of an airline and long-haul flight operations. During this phase, you will receive more than twice the amount of simulator flight hours as other flight crews. Of course, a large portion of this time is therefore devoted to practising descents and departures, and landings.

After around 1000 flight hours, you will be ready: Following your vocational first officer training, you will be completely free to join the long-haul circuit.

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Copyright 2021, TFC Flugbetrieb und -technik Beratungsgesellschaft mbH