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ATPL(A) / AeroLogic – Airline Transport Pilot License

Use the ALFA programme to benefit from the experience of AeroLogic pilots, amongst other things! Airline pilots from this international cargo airline will be your mentors, accompanying you right from the start.

To meet its own quality standards and those of its shareholders, AeroLogic sets high standards for its staff. For this reason, AeroLogic is looking for young men and women who want to turn their fascination with flying into their profession and eventually fly in the AeroLogic fleet. We, the TFC Käufer flying school, have been selected as the training partner for this training phase, as we have many years of experience in this field.

We would like to support you on your journey to becoming an airline pilot, and make it easier for you get started.

  • Training duration: 24 months
  • Theory and practical training (simulator and aircraft) are optimally coordinated and exceed the general requirements.
  • You will gain aeronautical skills and technical knowledge in modern simulators (FSTDs).
  • All training levels also include elements of the MPL (Multi-Crew Pilot License).
  • Social interaction: During realistic simulation sessions, you will practise problem-solving as a team, making decisions and assuming responsibility.

To avoid any misunderstandings, please note the following:

The costs of the ALFA programme will neither be covered, nor will you be sponsored.
Furthermore, the ALFA programme does not guarantee a job after completion of the training. You will train to become a commercial pilot at your own expense.

Copyright 2021, TFC Flugbetrieb und -technik Beratungsgesellschaft mbH

Copyright 2021, TFC Flugbetrieb und -technik Beratungsgesellschaft mbH