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Meet our flight students

Quotes of our students

“What I enjoy most is arriving at the airfield on a morning as dawn is breaking, getting in the plane, checking that everything is OK with the aircraft and taking to the skies. It’s simply a great feeling when you realise, wow, that’s my plane I’m flying today.”


“What’s really special about TFC is that most of our flying instructors and theory teachers used to work for an airline, so you learn to fly according to airline standards.”


“We’re a crew, right from the start. There’s an extremely strong bond here with us. You’re there for each other, you help each other out.”


“What I enjoyed most was my very first solo landing in a Cessna 152. That was a moment that I’ll never forget.”


“I believe that the training prepared me very, very well for what I will have to face in my later life and professional life.”


“I feel very well looked after. If there are any questions, I know who to turn to.”


Copyright 2022, TFC Flugbetrieb und -technik Beratungsgesellschaft mbH

Copyright 2022, TFC Flugbetrieb und -technik Beratungsgesellschaft mbH